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sex therapy Services

Therapy is super stigmatized, and therefore it can be really hard to get the ball rolling when it comes to our health or the health of our relationships.

Add the word 'sex' before 'therapy' and it can feel virtually impossible to make the call or email for help. On the other hand, sex is essential for the health of our marriages. If a relationship is like a house, sex is the cement that keeps the bricks sticking together. Without it, everything starts to erode and crumble.

Sex therapy, though we may cringe at the thought of talking to another person about our sexuality and sex lives, can completely reboot and restore not just the health of our bedroom world but the health of our most cherished, intimate relationships.

In sex sessions, we can help you with:
Desire issues including desire discrepancy
Arousal issues
Unconsummated marriages
Sex Education
Intimacy-related communication

Are you struggling with your intimacy? We would be honored to support you.

Book a free 10-minute consult to learn more.

50 Min



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