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Trauma is perhaps one of the most common buzz words that have been used in the past 5-10 years.  Yet it is so hard to define and make sense of, which makes treating it all the more complicated.

There's big T trauma and little T trauma (learn more about trauma here).  There are experts explaining how their specific modality is the end all and be all cure for trauma, and there are lay people saying you just gotta push through and suffer through it.

So much conversation around this topic.

If you are reading this page and have gone through something traumatic, know you are not alone.  About 1 out of 3 people will have experienced trauma in their lifetime.  These kinds of life experiences are at once devastating and very common.

What is also important to know is that there are so many super helpful strategies and tools to learn to navigate and diffuse the impact of trauma and come to a place of healing and resolution.

It's a process, and it's possible. 

Image by Susan Wilkinson

It's important to note that not all trauma treatment is created equal.  Some trauma needs to be dealt with by a therapist who specializes in trauma treatment, that is a therapist who has gone through extensive post-graduate training and who has completed certification programs with supervision to be able to help you.


Other therapists, like the Embrace team, are trauma-informed.  This grouping of therapists have also taken post graduate training in the treatment of trauma, however they are not certified, meaning they haven't completed an entire trauma program training them in specific modalities of trauma treatment and they have not necessarily gotten supervision for their skills.

If you are just starting your journey towards healing trauma, your best bet is to work with a trauma specialist.   You can check out for a list of specialists in your area.

If you have already started your trauma healing process and want to work on other aspects of your life that have been impacted by trauma, you can take your pick, working with either a trauma specialist or a trauma-informed therapist.  

For someone who wants to work on say their relationship or intimate life and has a history of trauma and has gone through some trauma therapy, Embrace can be a great fit for you and we would be honored to support you on that journey.

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