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At Embrace Therapy, we believe that the best therapists not only know what it's like to be on the other side of the couch, but that they also have a checks and balances system for their work with their clientele.  That means, having a supervisor support them in their work to ensure the best care for their clients.

With supervision, the clinician doesn't have to feel alone or isolated with all of their therapy decision-making.  They can run their assessments and treatment plans by a competent, certified supervisor and feel confident in their work, knowing there is someone in their corner helping them think through their strategies and supporting them in their learning and evolution as a therapist.

In supervision sessions, we can help you with:

Skills drills 
Learning new modalities
Fine tuning knowledge of modalities
Case interpretations
Learning how to build a practice

Want to reach your fullest potential as a therapist? 
We would be honored to support you.

Book a free 10-minute consult to learn more.

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