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What I Never Learned in Chosson & Kallah Classes




1 hour/week for 4 weeks

About the Course

 Far too many of us feel in the dark when it comes to intimacy. For those of us in the ultraorthodox Jewish community, we may have started our sexual education a month before we got married. This included 1-2 hour long meetings with a teacher who explained to us the birds and the bees. However, for so many of us, this does not suffice.

What do we actually do when we are in real life trying to create a sex life from scratch with zero  experience, few resources, and a brand new relationship?

This is why I created this workshop, What I Never Learned in Chosson & Kallah Classes!

Geared toward premarital, newlywed, and longstanding couples, this workshop teaches you how to build an intimate life from the ground up,  incorporating your closely held values and building your emotional connection all the while.

The workshop runs once a week for an hour for four Zoom sessions. It is limited to 5 couples so that every participant has the chance to ask questions and tailor the information to their lives, and there are anonymous ways to join as well!

Now usually workshops can get quite expensive and I get that! After all, I have participated in many workshops myself. We at Embrace wanted to make this program super affordable so that more people who wish to increase their understanding of intimacy have access to this resource.That is why the cost for the entire month-long program is the cost equivalent to just over one private therapy session. So here it is, the cost for the entire program is $300/couple.

For more info, call 646-396-0674 or email

Your Instructor

Michali Friedman, LCSW-C

Michali Friedman, LCSW-C
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