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ABOUT Embrace

Everyone deserves to be understood.

Everyone is worthy of love.

Everyone has reason to be proud.

Therapy should be a warm, safe, and unconditionally supportive environment where you are empowered to transform your life.  The pace that is set and the approaches that are used should always be based on your needs.

A therapist should be a constant force in your life; one who appreciates who you are, believes in your potential, and deeply cares about your journey.

Welcome to Embrace Therapy!



We offer telehealth therapeutic guidance for individuals and couples seeking to resolve relationship and/or sexual issues. 

We also offer customizable workshops on a variety of psychoeducational topics for institutions, businesses, and groups so that they can get tailored programming to meet their growth needs.
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what people say

When things seemed impossibly difficult, after talking to her I walked out of session feeling like things were possible, & oftentimes smiled from the hope and optimism with which she provided me.

Michali was very kind and really able to hear my struggles when I opened up to her.

She has shown us how to view our problems with a more positive perspective, accentuating our strengths and reframing problematic occurrences into optimistic learning and growing experiences.

Michali is hands down the best couples therapist we’ve seen. She is versatile and able to move with the conversation, she is knowledgeable, and she is able to help us with all areas of our marriage. She is absolutely fantastic and we’re thoroughly impressed each time we meet with her.  We’ve made significant progress in a short time due to her help, and she makes it much easier to talk about topics that are usually very difficult to discuss.



Message received. Thank you for your interest in Embrace Therapy!

Maryland, New York, and Online

Phone: 646-396-0674


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