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COMING SOON! Reim Ahuvim: A Single’s Guide to Prepping for Marriage & Intimacy




2 hours (1 hour/week)

About the Course

רעים אהובים

A Single’s Guide to Prepping for Marriage & Intimacy


Did you ever wonder if there is anything you can do now to prepare yourself for marriage?


We hear all the time that marriage is hard work.  It’s a relationship like no other, and even if we had been married before, each marriage is unique with its specific strengths and weaknesses so a new marriage is like starting from scratch.


It can sometimes feel like there’s nothing for us to do but to wait.  In that waiting, we may attend single events, go on dates, listen to some shiurim, and network so that we can get to the next chapter of our lives.


What if, instead of waiting, we used our time to practice the myriad of skills marriage requires in order to be healthy and truly connective and meaningful?  What if there was something we could do now?


רעים אהובים is an Embrace Therapy interactive workshop that teaches singles how to prepare for marriage and intimacy.  Using a mental health approach coupled with a sensitivity to the religious nuances and spectrums of the Orthodox Jewish community, this program explains in great detail the mindset and skills necessary to create a physically and emotionally healthy relationship.  Participants will learn, among other topics, best communication practices and assertiveness, vulnerability, where the self fits into a coupleship, what trust and respect look like in a marriage, rejection in a marriage, and how to give and receive feedback.


The program is divided into a two-part series, with an hour for each segment.  Attendants can participate anonymously as this workshop will be held through the Zoom platform.  The cost of the entire program is $50 per person, with the option of paying $25 for one of the two classes.  The first class will cover building a marriage from the ground up while the second class will focus more on cultivating skills for intimacy.


For more information, please call 646-396-0674 or email

Your Instructor

Michali Friedman, LCSW-C

Michali Friedman, LCSW-C
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